Getting Started!

Website Design & Hosting



Have you considered the domain for your project or business?  Domains are an important aspect of the process.  Start thinking of something that speaks to what you do or the company name and start searching for what is available.

Domain registration ?

Once your domain is available we can start the process to register it for you or you may do so at your your preferred registrar.  
We suggest you register for 2 years at least so youu can protect your name or brand!

one more thing on domains !

We highly recommend that you spend time and consider your new or existing brand carefully. 
You may also have social media accounts try to ensure they all match as best as possible so there is consistency in your branding across platforms

Who am i trying to reach ?

Always try to consider who is your audience or customer and what is of interest to them.
Keep your content  clear, relevant and  as engaging for them as possible.

IS too much tech a good thing ?

A site with all the bells and whistles does not communicate your message if its too slow to load or your target group does not have the latest devices.  Always keep it simple and cater for the individual who has the most out dated device and the slowest internet connection

KEEp forward planning

Yes, you must be ready for the future. You want your site to be engaging on new devices and be cutting edge. Technology is improving and you need a site that is responsive to new devices or capable of upgrading efficiently as you go along.